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Simplified Property Tax System

Our Vision

To deliver “Best in Class” property tax appeal services on home valuations and reassessments while promoting mutual trust and support through integrity, honesty and credibility.

Our Mission

To put Cook County’s hardworking residents’ tax dollars back where they belong—in their pocket!

Our Company

Xpress Tax Appeals, LLC was formed through the collaboration of ideas and goals of its founders who stand firmly against the ever-increasing tax burden in Cook County. Xpress Tax Appeals was formed by like-minded individuals who have extensive experience and strong backgrounds in finance and government programs within Cook County.

Our firm specializes in tax appeal strategies to maximize our clients savings by addressing over-assessment issues with Cook County taxing authorities. Xpress Tax Appeals operates in the city of Chicago and in all 30 Cook County townships.

We offer a simple approach to relieving some of your tax burden by promising both an honest assessment and a solution for lowering over-assessment.

Xpress Tax Appeals is committed to identifying discrepancies in county records and providing effective recovery solutions while holding itself to the highest industry standards of service and integrity.

Successful Appeals

What we offer

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Timely Support

The property tax system is complex and time consuming. We can help you appeal quickly and accurately.

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Smart Thinking

Make the smart move. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Advanced Technology

Our state of the art technology allows us to lower Cook County property taxes by the maximum statistical amount.

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We're Here to Talk

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