A new partnership program specifically aimed to keep you as the top-of-mind expert. In today’s hot real estate market, ensure your clients are paying the lowest property tax bill - attract more buyers, win more referrals.

Xpress Real Estate Agent Program

Be Mindful. Be Relevant. Be the Real Estate Expert.

Leverage our platform and grow your business

Create raving fans by guaranteeing the lowest possible tax bill for your clients with our Ad Valorem pricing engine powered by Xpress Tax Appeals™.

Next generation marketing platform ensures you are the top-of-mind Real Estate Agent.

Referral system exponentially grows your client base.

AI infused text technology takes your business to another level.

Limited acceptance to program per township

How it works

First step Sign-Up

Sign Up

Join now and save your clients money on their property tax bills. Get access to our Real Estate Agent Portal, predictive analytics, and other cool tech toys to help scale your business.

Second step Upload

Add Clients

Upload clients and our platform will identify tax savings, appeal deadlines, assessment errors and communicate these savings positioning you as the local real estate expert.

Third step Relax

Grow your business

RELEVANT communication establishes you as the local expert! Property taxes are complicated, we make it simple. Our tech makes you indispensable!

Your Benefit

Your Benefits


Acting as an extension of your team, we’ll provide your clients with best-in-class appeal services and unparalleled customer support.


Your clients receive automated information pertinent to their property taxes which helps build long lasting relationships.


A unique personalized Xpress Tax Appeals Real Estate Agent Portal for monitoring client properties, appeal statuses, and real estate related inquiries.


Cross promotions and advertising in Xpress Tax Appeals related marketing (subject to package eligibility) allows you to scale your business.